Seizure the Day: Happiness in Spite of Illness

Part memoir, part piece of philosophy, and part how-to book, this title delves into the nature of happiness and how to get more of it, especially if you suffer from a chronic condition. Too many happiness books, Orend says, are designed to be “for everyone.” In so doing, these books ignore the special circumstances of those who are ill or struggling with a chronic condition (as Orend does with epilepsy). Yet, such sick people have the right to pursue happiness, too; and they are just as interested in the subject as “normal” people. Hence, people with chronic conditions  need to “seizure the day”, so to speak, and to grasp for some more happiness, even in spite of their illness.

Kant’s “On Perpetual Peace”

Forthcoming 2014, Broadview Press
With a fresh translation by Ian Johnston, this volume will contain: Kant’s acclaimed essay; several contextual pieces, both by Kant and his contemporaries; and a sustained commentary by Orend on Perpetual Peace: its meaning, its significance, and its influential — and inspirational — impact on the world.